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Can crows be used to clean litter outside?

Crow is considered as one of the intelligent bird; they are able to use tools, remembering a human face, and solving complex problems. All of their abilities forced to think if they have such abilities then why they cannot train to do actual work like picking up litter.

A question may be arising about why crow should do this? If they are going to clean litter, then what will be human doing? Ideally, they can do it, but they may be lazy and maybe want to hire someone for free who can do this. Is there any human who can clean the litter for free? Probably no.

According to an estimate, almost 1.69 billion cigarette butt cast out as a litter each year. These butts end up with the flow of water and may mix into the sea or river water. Only butts are enough to toxin the water. When animals drink this water for sure when they found these butts, they will try to eat them.

Through research, it is proved that crows have the ability to recognize the garbage and collect it in a fixed place. When there is a chance to utilize their ability, why did we not apply this in actual life?

You may find issues to train them because they are cleaver and sharp. You have to provide them their basic requirements like shelter and food, and then you can expect them to do any task as per your wish.

To collect the litter outside, they may be required to get in several places, and there is a possibility many people do not like them and do not want to see them in their homes. They may not be able to enter in several places because they have used protection like netting.

Anyhow, you will be a wonder to know that the largest theme park in France has announced the system in which they have hired the crows to clean the park. A group of crows work together and collect all litter and other garbage. These crows pick up the litter and through away from the place.

This idea basically came from a movie in which crew was seen to be picking up garbages from streets. Then the theme park of France team thinks why not they utilized this idea in actual life.


Crow is an intelligent creature; they remember the face of people and can react sharply like some intelligent humans. The purpose of teaching the crow to clean the litter is to just educate the people. People who throw the garage in open places; they should learn something from this creature. If this creature can work to keep the atmosphere clear, then why do people not understand this?

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